We are committed to producing high quality rubber products.​​​​​​​​​

We are committed to producing high quality rubber products.

We are a collection of research and development, production, sales, service in the integration of manufacturers, OEM services can be customized according to demand, welcome customers to inquire!

Material engineering

Our material engineer will develop the appropriate formula according to the customer's requirements for product performance. Each formulation is tested in detail to ensure optimum results are achieved.

In order to meet the different needs of the market, our research and development capability has reached the standard of international security, environmental protection and health, including RoHS&WEEE/REACH, FDA, LMBG/LFGB, PAHs and FMV SS302 and so on. In addition, we can also provide third party testing and certification services, including UL,NSF,CE and so on.

We know that only the continuous pursuit of progress, in order to gain an advantage in the market. To achieve these goals, of course, it is necessary to have a number of professional personnel and advanced equipment.

Each of our professional engineering staff is committed to research and development, innovation, and providing comprehensive advice to customers to achieve the highest quality products.